Articulation agreements are specific training agreements that facilitate the portability of certain A.A., A.S., A.A.S., or A.A.T. programs to community colleges and other accredited institutions in the State of Hawaiivoirei and, beyond that, to specific BA or B.A.S. degrees at UH West Ornba. The articulation agreements have been carefully designed by the faculties of both institutions and offer unique educational benefits. Memoranda of Understanding (MOAs) are cooperation agreements that are formulated around a common goal, which identify the parties involved and their agreed roles and responsibilities. Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) express agreement between two or more parties and identify a common line of action. For more information on articulation agreements between UH institutions, see Articulation Agreements within the University of Hawai`i Systems. After the creation of a solid foundation, the next phase of UHWO-UHSP development will be the recruitment of more teachers, collaborators, partners and students. Currently, the six entities authorized by the legislator are on their respective research committees, with a recruitment date scheduled for August 1, 2019. The search for cooperation partners is essential.

Hawai`i University partners are needed to establish articulation agreements at the sites. Smooth transitions for students can be established by building bridges between high school and early university programs, associate-level programs in community colleges, and professional streams (i.e., MD, PharmD, PhD, MSN, MSW, and MPH). Healthcare partners are needed to guide the program and provide sites for clinical and non-clinical placements. They will be essential to establish marketable minimum and desirable qualifications and a salary scale that I hope will pay a sustainable salary. Currently, Queen`s Medical Center West O`ahu, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, Hospice Hawai`i and Heartsavers (CPR Certification) are partners of UH West O`ahu. Those who would benefit from a smaller school environment and who would appreciate a supportive and supportive environment. UHWO also offers degrees that are not found on other sites through unique articulation agreements, so it`s a great place for students to pursue their interests and earn a bachelor`s degree. And for Mililani`s students, it`s much closer to home, which means not staying in traffic for hours! Part of this process means having a curriculum based on real experiences and that makes the degree as fluid as possible.