In its recent Howard vs. Benson decision, the Ontario Court of Appeal dramatically increased employers` potential liability for severance pay in the use of fixed-term contracts by noting that the employer must pay compensation on the entire balance of the term, without reducing the worker`s re-employment income. If you are a manager/supervisor, visit Managing employees during COVID-19 for more information and telecommuting FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. There are good labour policy reasons for a strong time limit in a collective agreement. A delay forces the union to manage the collective agreement in a timely manner and prevents it from reviving old disputes. If a time limit expires and no complaint is filed, an employer can expect the union not to challenge its decision. While many employers would not think twice about the impact of a covering email on a letter of offer, the recent decision of Ballim v. Bausch & Lomb Canada Inc., 2016 ONSC 6307, confirms that an email that attaches an agreement or offer can be used to determine the intent of the parties. Please follow this link on the Telecommuting information page on the UBC HR website. The site contains links to policies and applications for telecommuting as well as frequently asked questions….