All roommates should accept the agreement and sign it. It`s important to review the entire requirement with all roommates to make sure anyone sharing the common space knows exactly what to expect. This document specifies that the roommate has the same allowances as the original tenant, but he can enter the contract after signing the lease. The document should cover topics such as the data of the colocation contract, the rent due for each person and ancillary costs, which are also shared. Before the document is signed, it is important that the parties discuss and agree on the rules of unity and the spaces that can enter both parts. The rooms of the other parties must not be penetrated, unless there is something else authorized. Create a roommate agreement if you want to share your home with one or more people and outline the rights and obligations of each roommate. With our roommate form, you can provide important information such as rent, incidentals and deposit and how each roommate will use the common room of the rental unit. Step 7 – For the agreement to be valid, it must be signed by all participating roommates. Enter the date of the agreement. Below, each tenant can sign and print their name, then enter the date of the signature.