NAFTA covers services other than air, marine and basic telecommunications. The agreement also provides protection for intellectual property rights in a wide range of areas, including patents, trademarks and copyrighted material. NAFTA`s procurement provisions apply not only to goods, but also to contracts for services and work at the federal level. In addition, U.S. investors are assured of equal treatment for domestic investors in Mexico and Canada. For all other products of origin exported to Canada, indicate by analogy “MX” or “US” whether the products originated in that NAFTA country in accordance with NAFTA rules of origin, and any subsequent processing in the other NAFTA country does not increase the transaction value of goods by more than 7%; as “JNT” for joint production. (Reference: Appendix 302.2) Case 8: For each property described in box 5, say “YES” if you are the producer of the property. If you are not the producer of the products, indicate “NO” followed by (1), (2) or (3), depending on whether this certificate is based on: (1) your knowledge of the qualification of well-being as a product of origin; (2) confidence in the manufacturer`s written representation (with a certificate of origin) that the products may be considered original products; or (3) a certificate completed and signed for products voluntarily made available to the exporter by the manufacturer. For clients whose NAFTA certificates contain more than 20 articles and your form (CBP) 434, please provide a practice table in this format. Note that in box 5, you must add “see attached” if a calculation table is attached to Form CBP 434. NAFTA allows your company to send qualified goods to customers in Canada and Mexico duty-free. Goods can be challenged in different ways depending on NAFTA`s rules of origin.

This may be because the products are fully obtained or manufactured in a NAFTA party, or because, according to the product`s rule of origin, it takes enough work and equipment in a part of NAFTA to make the product what it is when it is exported. Case 9: For each type of product described in Box 5 for which the goods are subject to a regional Value Content (RVC) requirement, indicate “NC” if the RVC is calculated using the net cost method; “NO” if not. If the RVC is calculated over a given period using the net cost method, the initial and final data (DD/MM/YY) for that period will continue to be established. (Reference: Article 402.1, 402.5) Case 11: This field must be filled, signed and dated by the exporter. If the certificate is completed by the manufacturer for use by the exporter, it is completed, signed and dated by the manufacturer. The date must be the date on which the certificate was completed and signed. For products that are not fully purchased, you must follow the product`s original rule, usually due to a tariff lag or regional value content. Learn more about how to read and enforce FREI trade agreements.

If they do not have a full NAFTA certificate updated before the expiry date, the benefits of free trade will be lost and may require the payment of customs duties, taxes and royalties to CBP. Due to the high volume of NAFTA certificates processed each year, we advise you to start this process now so you have time to process your certificate. To renew your certificate, please complete a new NAFTA Certificate of Origin and return it at least 30 days before the expiry date of your current certificate.