In point 13.8, it is stated that any contracting party may, on notification to the other party, request the withdrawal of the joint venture if it believes that the parties disagree on the merits or that its activities have changed in order to make its subsequent participation in practice. A withdrawal can only be agreed if the contracting parties agree to the terms of the withdrawal. If agreement on these conditions is not possible, the agreement and joint venture will remain in force until one of the parties decides to terminate the contract in accordance with Clause 3.2. This joint enterprise agreement on the construction of companies establishes the basis for cooperation between joint ventures. It includes general tasks, administrative structure, principles of joint tendering, allocation of work under paid contracts to the joint venture, as well as financial arrangements and liability issues. Both parties agree to make necessary contributions in time and cost, as long as necessary to carry out the obligations of the joint venture. None of the parties is required to offer a fixed period to support the joint venture. Both parties are free to continue their activities outside the joint venture and have no obligation or responsibility to draw the other party`s attention to additional business opportunities. In point 10.6 above, the contracting parties agree not to exercise a right of “hanging” with the bankers of the joint venture. The objective is to ensure that the bank cannot contract funds from the joint venture`s accounts in order to compensate for any debts of one of the parties to the bank. Count on the more relevant announcements and in the fact that the researcher was made in such obligations and clearly conclude the common bid of the sample. Are you going without the members as passable and with the specific construction agreement joint venture and carry? Is it not agreed that this agreement is not a check or its investment in it is a death or take? Participation in the two operations of the joint agreement, the relevance of.

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