(a) subject to the relief of the consequential damages covered by Section 7.1 (b), the Bank is liable for the direct debts of the client resulting from the following reasons: (i) the acts or omissions of a sub-custodian selected by the bank, whether abroad or abroad, to the extent that such act or omission was carried out by the bank itself taking into account current market standards and practices; or (ii) the insolvency of a related sub-custodian. Subject to the terms of this agreement, including compensation for consecutive damages, pursuant to Section 7.1 (b), the Bank assumes full responsibility for any liabilities resulting from fraud, intentional misconduct or negligence of its sub-custodians or the insolvency of an associated sub-custodian. In the case of debts resulting from or incurred by the client of acts or omissions of a sub-depository for which the bank would otherwise be responsible, the bank must immediately repay these debts to the customer. b) To the extent that market law or practice permits, the bank requires each sub-custodian to determine in its own records that the financial assets that are credited to the client`s securities account belong to clients of the bank, so it is readily clear that the financial assets do not belong to the bank or sub-depository. The Company pays the late quarterly investment manager (January, April, July and October of each year) fund and asset management expenses that are calculated based on the Company`s NAV each quarter as follows: 0.9% of this amount of the company as of each quarter, less than or equal to 200 million DEF divided by 4; more than 0.75% of this amount of the company for each quarter, more than 200 million GBP, but less than 500 million GBP divided by 4, more than 0.65% of the company`s NAV each quarter, which is more than 500 million GBP divided by 4 GBP; More than 0.55% of the company`s NAV on the day of each quarter, of which more than GBP 750 million divided by 4 million. GBP. The investment management agreement is valid for an initial term of three years, which can be concluded with a period of 12 months. (a) The Bank will monitor the actions of the entity by communicating the communications of the issuer, sub-deposits, securities deposits and communications published in sector publications and reported in the reporting services. The bank will immediately inform the customer of any business action whose information is received either by him or by a sub-custodian, as long as the central department of corporate law measures of the bank has the effective knowledge of the business action in a timely manner to inform its customers in a timely manner; or (ii) a call, including publications and reporting services, that the Bank regularly uses for this purpose in a timely manner for the bank to inform its customers in a timely manner. Any notification received in the United States by the bank`s Legal Action Department regarding securities disputes that have been settled by the relevant owners of the underlying financial assets is immediately made available to the client if, in the present circumstances, the bank observes with due diligence and diligence that the client was a shareholder and has retained the relevant financial assets with the bank at the appropriate time.